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Military Letter of Condolences Example Condolence Letter

Dear {Recipient},

I was incredibly saddened to learn of the death of {the deceased}. I am sure that your family must be going through a whole range of emotions right now, from being devastated to proud to angry, then back to devastated again.

Knowing that {he/she} died while serving {his/her} country is supposed to bring you a little bit of comfort, and I hope it does. You know that {the deceased} loved being in the {Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy, etc.} and that {he/she} was proud of what {he/she} was doing. While no armed services member wants to die in the line of duty, they all know it's a possibility, and it's a risk they're willing to take.

That said, it's never easy on the ones they leave behind. All I can say is that you're perfectly entitled to whatever you're feeling, and you will help yourself if you feel all those emotions instead of trying to bury them. That's the only way you can truly begin to heal.

I am around if you need anything at all. Please get in touch.

With love,


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