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Letter of Condolence Condolence Letter

Dear {recipient},

I was so very sorry to hear about the death of {deceased}. I can't begin to imagine how difficult this time must be for you and your family. I know {deceased} was a great {man, woman, husband, father, boyfriend, etc.} and that this loss will leave a great hole in your life.

{Deceased} was always so {funny, kind, helpful, cheerful, etc.}. I remember the time {specific memory about the deceased}. I cherish that memory, and hope that it can bring a smile to your face even in this time of sorrow.

If you'd like, I could {specific offer to help in some way, such as cooking a meal, mowing the lawn, driving the person somewhere, etc.}. It would be my pleasure to help you in any way possible.

You are strong and capable, and even though it seems impossible right now, I know you will find a way to get through this.

With love,


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