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Eulogy for a Mother Condolence Letter

{Name} was born on {date} in {location}, to {parents' names}. She was, by all accounts, a{happy/funny/rambunctious/etc.} baby and child, and she got all she could out of those childhood years. {If there is a particularly interesting or funny story about your mother's childhood, tell that here}.

My mother went on to {college, or to the workforce, to marry your father, etc.}, where she {graduated with a degree, landed a particular job, or began to have children}.

But the most important thing about my mother was not any of those basic details. My mother was not made up of specifics and dates. She was a kind, giving soul who left an imprint on every person she came across in her life.

{Here you can tell a story that illustrates your mother's kindness, or any another adjective that describes her particularly well}

In her role as {a mother or in her profession}, my mother flourished. {Tell a story that illustrates how much she enjoyed motherhood, or how successful she may have been in her profession}.

I will always remember my mother for {think about the things that stand out the most about your mother; this could be a story involving the two of you, or the certain way she would smile at something she enjoyed}

I will miss my mother. She brought me into this world and she helped to make me the person I am today. It's difficult to consider what I will do without knowing that I can pick up the phone and call her whenever I need to talk or when I face a tough decision. I'm sure you all know my mother was amazing when it came to giving advice; I guess I'm going to have to start making my own decisions now.

I was lucky enough to have {name} as my mother, and the rest of you here were lucky to have her as a part of your life. Though this is a sad time for those she left behind, I know that my mother would not want us to wallow in our sadness. There are memories to hold on to, and the knowledge that the world was a better place for having my mother in it. This is the time to celebrate a life that was well lived. I hope you will join me -- today and for the rest of your lives -- in celebrating {name}.

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