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Eulogy for a Grandmother Condolence Letter

{Name} was my grandmother. She was born on {date} in {location} to {parents' names}, and once she was out, she never stopped moving.

She married {name} on {date}, and together they raised {number} children, one of whom is my {mother/father}. For that reason, I have been lucky enough to call {name} my grandmother for my whole life.

We all know the role grandmothers are supposed to play. If you can't do it at home with your parents, you wait until you're at your grandparents' house, because it's their job to spoil you. They've had their go-around as parents, and now they're ready to just let you do whatever you want, within reason, and have someone else deal with the consequences. That's the beauty of reaching a certain age, right?

Well, my grandmother embraced that role wholeheartedly. She was a true grandmother. She was a light in our lives, and a joy to be around.

I will never forget {stories about a special moment (or moments) you shared with your grandmother, particularly those that highlight a certain personality trait of your grandmother} .

We had a very close relationship, and I'm still struggling to understand how I will live my life without her in it. But I know she provided me with some great advice over the years, such as the time she said {something funny or poignant your grandmother said about life}. If I always remember that, I'll be okay.

I will mourn the loss of my grandmother, as I'm sure you all will. But I will try my best to remember that a light that bright does not dim as soon as the person is gone. We all will remember my grandmother, and continue to celebrate the big and beautiful life she led while she was here on this planet. As long as we do that, we'll always be able to feel her presence.

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