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Eulogy for a Friend Condolence Letter

{Name} was something else. I remember her as {description of how long you've known the person, where you met, etc.}.

{Name} was a good friend, and I will miss her. I already do. {Name} was{some adjectives that describe your friend, such as energetic, happy, stubborn, etc.}. This was obvious even when she was {sometime when the friend's best qualities came out}, and these qualities drew people to her wherever she went.

I'm sure you all remember when {a story that most people know about the deceased, which perfectly illustrates her personality}.

{Don't be a afraid to tell more than one story about the individual. People appreciate reminiscing about the deceased, and hearing several stories is completely acceptable, especially if the stories are great examples of the kind of person the deceased was.}

The world lost a good one on {date}. {Name} was {age} when her body finally gave out and she got to rest. She was with her family, and she went peacefully, which is all any of us can hope for, I suppose.

I've felt empty since I learned of her death, and I don't know when or if that emptiness will ever leave me. But I'm getting through by reminding myself of the love {name} left behind, and the lives she touched while she was here. This memorial is a time for happiness, but that doesn't mean it isn't sad. {Name} could best be described as a force, and when something like that is suddenly gone from your life, it's not something you get over quickly.

So maybe this isn't something we will "get over." I don't want to forget {name}, so I'm trying to learn to deal with the pain that comes along with her loss, because I still get the opportunity to remember her life. I hope you will join me in remembering and celebrating {name} today and always.

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