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Eulogy for a Brother Condolence Letter

{Name} was born on {date} in {location}, to {parents' names}, and he was {adjective describing your brother} from the very beginning.

It was {tough/fun/entertaining} growing up with a {younger/older} brother like {name}, since {a story that illustrates what it was like to grow up with your brother}.

In fact, I'm sure many of you remember the time {another story from your brother's childhood or teenage years}.

When {name} and I grew up and became adults, we {grew apart/got closer}. He was always {calling you for advice/giving you grief about your life, or a story about things your brother did in his young adult life}.

{Name} was a good {brother/husband/father/etc.}, and he loved that role. {Tell a story about your brother in whatever role he was most known for}.

Times will be tough for a while as we all learn to cope without {name} in our lives. I know I will struggle. But I know that my brother would not want us to wallow. He loved a good party as much as the next guy, so let's concentrate on celebrating him today.

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