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Eulogy for a Wife Condolence Letter

As {the deceased}'s husband, I can say with absolute certainty that my wife would have been blown away by the support and love you have offered to me and my family in the midst of our grief. While my {other family members} and I cannot begin to thank you for your generosity, we know that with these deeds you are all saying what cannot really be put into words: what has been lost to us cannot be replaced. {The deceased} is irreplaceable, and the world we live in is darker without her.

However, let us not dwell on the sadness of losing my wife. I believe that {the deceased} would want us to remember at her best. To me, she will always be the girl who {tell romantic story about when you met or a wedding story}.

She will also always be the woman who {tell a story from the middle of the marriage, possibly about children}.

For all that she changed from the beginning of our relationship to the end, we always changed together. I always felt like we were building ourselves at her behest into something greater than either of us could achieve alone. She said this best herself when she told me that {give a quote from the deceased about the relationship}. She always saw so clearly into our lives, which is what allowed her to understand me like no one else could.

Perhaps what I loved most about {the deceased} was her {quality}. {Tell story about that quality}.

I will always feel like I was the lucky one, who ended up with such a wonderful woman without doing anything to deserve it. And yet, she made me feel every day like there was no one she could have loved more in the world. I know many of you have felt the light of her generous spirit. I hope that your memories of her will bring you warmth as we all walk forward into a future without her.

Thank you.

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